Eddie Milligan

Eddie is 51 years old and came to crossfit a year ago while he was recovering from cancer treatment. He knew it would aid in his recovery and help him get his strength back. 

Eddie had always been active. He played basketball and baseball throughout high school and college. As an adult, he enjoyed running and was a scratch golfer. Since starting crossfit, Eddie has taken up cycling and has increased his race time by at least 30% and in Eddie's words, "recently was able to run over an SUV on his bike" and credits crossfit for his short recovery. He has also increased his crossfit AMRAP's two fold. 

Eddie says his favorite things about crossfit are the camaraderie, professional instructors and the ability to mix up workouts each time. He believes crossfit is a way, at any age, to get in shape and maintain or build on what you have or don't have. 

Eddie is looking to finish in the top five during criterium racing for 2015 and finish first in criterium racing for the 50+ age group. 

Eddie has worked hard and made great strides in his mobility, flexibility and endurance over the last year and we know he's going to continue to see improvements in his sport and reach his goals. What a great inspiration and all around human being!! We're proud to call him friend and celebrate him as our athlete of the month. 

Zach Fonville