Kim Le


Kim is 30 years old and started Crossfit in March of 2011 after finding and following a well known crossfitter Miranda Oldroyd, which we say is her doppelgänger;) She then found the nearest box and began her journey.

Kim ran cross country in high school. She was also a state champ in white tiger keno karate 2001-2003 and taught kickboxing. Crossfit was a draw to her because of its constantly changing movements, which have kept her challenged and never bored. She loves that Crossfit creates a supportive community/family, where she has developed lasting friendships. Crossfit has built her confidence and she enjoys getting to workout with friends and just having fun.

She feels stronger and is doing things she never imagined herself doing. She says, “any time a movement gets easier to me its a huge achievement.” Kim has recently started stringing chest to bar pull ups together and has joined the 200 club on her back squat. Outside the gym, she attributes her new found confidence and love for who she is to Crossfit.

She is currently working on improving her form in her oly lifts, specifically her clean, and has set a goal of getting 155# by March. We know this will not be a problem from Kim!!! She is one of the most loyal, dedicated and hard working people we know!

Having Kim in the gym makes everyones day brighter! Laughing, singing, dancing and cheering everyone on…all while moving heavy weights quickly!  And quotes like this: “I just love how crossfit makes me feel! It makes me happy just like chocolate does.” A girl after my own heart! How can your day not be brighter?!

We are so thankful for Kim, her friendship and enthusiasm for Crossfit and are proud to celebrate her as athlete of the month.

Zach Fonville