Jake Horton

We are beyond excited to recognize Jake as our athlete spotlight for August! Jake has been such an incredible addition to our box, and it is truly inspiring to watch him work with such dedication! Since Jake has been at CrossFit Conway, he has experienced a lot of improvements, some of which include a 3:20 1k meter row, a #195 clean & jerk, and a #215 push jerk!! His biggest goals from here on out are to be able to perform muscle ups, run a mile in under 6 minutes, and he would like to improve his mobility. He also wants to see improvement in his form for all of his lifts.

Jake said that he is really excited about being chosen as our athlete spotlight for this month and he wanted to be sure to thank all of the awesome people who’ve made CrossFit Conway his second home!!

Jake, we absolutely LOVE having you here, and we wouldn’t be the same box without you! Keep up the good work!!!

Zach Fonville