Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone, age 31, has been doing Crossfit for 2 1/2 years. Jordan started Crossfit after he read an article about how it was good to do during his triathlon training. 

When asked his favorite thing about Crossfit, he said it was the community and the challenge.

“The best athletes act no better than the least athletic”
“Crossfit provides a new challenge every day and anything that gets me out of my comfort zone and challenges me keeps me coming back.”

Jordan sets and achieves new goals inside the box almost weekly. He wants to eventually do a marathon and an Ironman. He believes Crossfit is at it’s best when it gets people to go just past their breaking point and never allows them to go back. 

Jordan has recently become a new Dad. He has been a great asset to our community and we’re thankful he has chosen to be a part of our Maumelle family. 

Zach Fonville