Julia Willey

Julia says that she may not be the best at anything, BUT she is definitely getting better everyday. We couldn’t agree more! When she first started at CrossFit Conway in April of 2013, she could not get more than 45lbs over her head, and she couldn't run more than 400 meters without stopping to rest. Her most recent PR's include a 200# Deadlift, 100lb split jerk (we’d say that’s WELL over 45lbs) and a 110lb power clean! Julia completed half of Murph (with Amber Antal) this year, and plans on doing the entire WOD next year.

Her goals include getting a dead-hang pull-up, improving at double unders so she can do them in a WOD, and she wants to make sure to show up for EVERY running WOD (let’s keep her accountable with this, people)!! She also wants to be able to perform Handstand push-ups and handstand walks! She wanted to include that she could not have done ANY of this without all of the coaches. Julia said there were many times she would come in with a certain goal or PR on her mind, and when she would tell the coach what it was, they looked at her and said "you can beat that"… and she did! Almost every time!!

JULIA – we are SO proud of you!!! You are fantastic and we LOVE having you as part of our family! You have grown and improved so much and we believe in you tremendously!!! Congratulations again!

Zach Fonville