Luke Baldwin

We would like to recognize and celebrate our featured athlete Luke Baldwin. 

Luke is 33 years old and has been doing Crossfit for a year. He played all kinds of sports growing up, mainly basketball and baseball, and continues to play basketball from time to time. He wanted something different in his life that would challenge him and he saw that in Crossfit. 

The accountability of the Crossfit community and the challenges it brings are both big draws for Luke. He also enjoys the coaching and family atmosphere at Crossfit Maumelle. 

Luke has had many major achievements over the last year, including mastering his double unders and advancing in his olympic lifts. A couple of additional achievements Luke and Crossfit Maumelle are most proud of are him starting Crossfit and sticking to it and him changing how he eats, which was not something he intended on doing when he started Crossfit. 

He would like to continue to improve on his olympic lifts, shoulder strength and mobility. Also, continue healthy eating habits and provide that leadership for his family. We know that with Luke’s determination, work ethic and character, he will have no problem meeting these goals and many more! 

Luke looks forward to a new challenge each and every day he shows up and says Crossfit and it’s community have provided a place to call home that has changed his life mentally and physically. 

We are so proud of Luke and his achievements! More importantly, we are thankful for his friendship, generosity toward others, jovial personality and that he calls Crossfit Maumelle his home. 

Zach Fonville