Katie Wyzgoski

We are pleased to announce Katie Wyzgoski as our September Athlete of the Month.  Katie started regularly attending classes this past March. During her short time with us she has racked up an impressive list of PRs including: 135lb Power Clean, 105lb Snatch, 175lb Front Squat, and 130lb Clean and Jerk.

Katie says that CrossFit has improved every aspect of her life and provided an avenue to meet positive people who motivate her to become a stronger athlete and woman.  She credits it with saving her from a dark past and allowing her to set out on a path to a bright future.    

Katie’s immediate CrossFit future includes competing with the Peak Performance team in the HOA competition at the end of this month.  Keep it up Katie, we see big things for your future inside and outside of the Box!   We are so very proud of you for becoming the person we knew you could be!

Zach Fonville