Brandi Hargis

Brandi Hargis is our athlete of the month for August.

We love Brandi and her dedication to Crossfit!  Even though she lives in Greenbrier she makes it a priority to get her workouts in every week!  

She recently won a team competition we held in the box and is crushing all of her goals.  Can’t wait to see what Brandi will PR next!

How long have you been Crossfitting? 
I started CrossFit in January of 2016 but wouldn't consider that really crossfitting, more like part-time crossfitting. I only came a couple days a week in the beginning. I used to make too many excuses.. 

 I didn't get serious about it until November 2016 when I was working on lifts for the Lift Off and was disappointed in how little I had improved. I then decided I would be in the gym no less than 4 days a week. 

What made you start CF?
I wanted to try something different. I used to run a lot, running 5k's, half marathons and even one full marathon and attended Zumba classes but was looking for something to motivate me to be a better version of myself. I had struggled with postpartum depression after having my second child and wanted to just feel good again. 

What changes have you seen since starting CF?
Where do I start?? :) I have lost 25lbs since November. I have PR'd on so many movements and even my mile by shaving off an entire minute and a half off my time! 

I now go into a workout feeling confident that I can not only do the workout but may even do the prescribed weight whereas before I would automatically scale and just try to finish by the time cap. 

I have motivated so many of my friends/family to just get up and move! I have friends who now post their workout pics or send me personal messages letting me know how much I inspire them. 

And my kids, they LOVE coming to the box and watching their mommy do CrossFit. They will drop and do pushups or burpees for anyone, anywhere, and tell people they do CF too. I think they may have even told their teachers that CF was my job. They also watch American Ninja Warrior or the Strongest Man competitions and always ask, 'Mommy can you do that? You are strong too'. I love that!! 


What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Favorite Movement: Deadlifts are my jam!! I am amazed at the fact I can lift almost 2x my weight. I also love Power Cleans even if they leaved me bruised for days! 

Least Favorite Movement: Overhead Squat and Burpees! Mobility issues for the overhead squat just makes it a difficult movement for me and burpees are just torture! 

What is your favorite part of CF Conway?
As most people have said before, it's the community. The people here, whether it's the coaches or other members, always make you feel welcome. I have attended both morning and evening classes and     you will see that across the board! I have made so many new friends and everyone wants to see you succeed! It is literally the only place where you will have people cheer the loudest for the person finishing last! 

What are your long term goals? 
I have so many! Long term I want to become better at so many of the different lifts. And by better I mean improve my ability to lift heavy accurately!! 

One goal I have worked on continuously is my back squat. Mobility is an issue there and the one thing I realized is if I want to get better at something, I have to practice. So you will see me here every Thursday night practicing my back squat.  Once I feel good about this movement, I will turn my focus on another lift and continue with this same work ethic. 

Also, better at the gymnastics aspect of CrossFit. It isn't all heavy lifting and I realize that. I want to improve my Pullups and someday I WILL have Toes to Bar. Again, practice makes perfect so you will see me practicing either of those any chance I can! 

What advice do you have for people wanting to start CF?
Hardest part is showing up! Once you are here and you experience your first WOD, you will love it!! It can be very intimidating when you walk in and you will see a lot of folks in amazing shape, but just know they started where you are. At some point they were new to CF as well. You don't have to be 'in shape' to start CF! I promise, give it a little time and it will become your newest addiction! 

Coaches will work with you on proper form and technique. They are here to help and teach you!  I hate to hear the comments about how CF only causes injuries... if you aren't getting proper training on movements then you are at the wrong gym. That is what I have loved about CFC since I started. The coaches WANT to help you!

One other note is to the moms out there!! You CAN do this!!  We even have a class deemed 'The Mom Class' that has childcare so you can attend!! We all have mom guilt, I get it, I do too. BUT don't let that stop you from doing something for YOU! If you feel better about yourself, it is reflected in your children and your family! 

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