Autumn Tucker

Autumn Tucker is our December Athlete of the Month!


Autumn started this time last year and has been consistently coming to the 6am class since then.  That alone deserves an award!  Autumn has an auto immune disease and she uses CrossFit to keep her body moving and healthy for years to come.  She doesn’t use her pain as an excuse but for motivation to push harder!  Here is what she has to say about her CF experience:


I've been going to CrossFit for a year now. When I got diagnosed with arthritis I knew I needed to start something to help me build muscle and get stronger so started CrossFit. The changes I have seen are I'm stronger, my mood is better, I feel better and my arthritis doesn’t flare up as much. My favorite move is a clean and my least favorite is a snatch. My favorite thing about CrossFit is you always have people cheering you on and telling you, you can do it. My long time goals are to stick with CrossFit for many years to stay in good shape and good health. My advice to anyone that wants to start CrossFit is that any age or body type can do it and it is very rewarding. Also you will meet amazing people! 

Zach Fonville