Jennifer McNeal


Our February Athlete of the Month is Jennifer McNeal.  

Jennifer had three babies in two years. A few months after she delivered her twins she decided to lose the weight she had gained.  When she puts her mind to something she is all in!  She started eating better, counting macros, and coming to the box whenever she could.  She has lost 75lbs and looks amazing - but more importantly she is STRONG!  She also recently figured out double unders so she is ready for the Open 2018!  

Good luck Jennifer - we are cheering for you!


How long have you been Crossfitting?
I joined CFC Feb 2014, but I started doing CrossFit November 2013 at a box in North Little Rock. 

What made you start CF? 
I was attending a bootcamp program during the summer of 2013 in Little Rock that was being held at a CrossFit box and saw the women doing all these amazing things that I had never done and never dreamed of being able to do! I knew from that moment that I wanted to try CrossFit and I’ve been hooked ever since! :) 

What changes have you seen since starting CrossFit?
There are so many!!! Not only has my strength improved, but also my metal health! I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster for the past 4 years from getting married in 2014, having my 3 babies from 2015 to 2017, losing my dad in 2017, and CrossFit has been my constant!

After having Henry and Scarlett in March 2017, I started suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety. My anxiety was so bad that it felt impossible to even step foot out of my house most days. When I returned to CrossFit in July 2017, I could only go one day a week, and I couldn’t even attempt to take all 3 kids there by myself. Now you will see me there 4 days a week most weeks lugging 2 car seats and herding a toddler! This has been HUGE for me!!! Thank you CFC for helping me find myself again!!! 

What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Favorite: Ah there are so many now! Double unders, sled pulls, farmers carry, and all the Olympic lifts! 
Least Favorite: BURPEES...UGH! My body just isn’t designed to do them efficiently LOL. Also, lunges! Together my legs are strong, but individually they’re like a newborn foal’s legs trying to walk for the first time. 

What is your favorite part of CF Conway?
Short answer the people! Long answer the coaches that always have my best interest and won’t let me do anything that would cause me to injure myself, but will push me to reveal my new potential. The class that always makes me feel like I’m on a team. Of course the childcare that keeps my babies safe and allows me to have my mommy time! 

What are your long term goals? 
Continue to get stronger, this year be able to do pull-ups, lose 30 more pounds and finally be able to stop focusing on trying to lose weight. I would also like to eventually take the Level 1 Certificate course. 

What advice do you have for people wanting to start CF?
To just try CrossFit! It’s not for everyone, but you won’t know until you try it! Everything can be modified to your fitness level. 

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