Westley Sullins


Westley Sullins is our Spotlight Athlete!

Westley has been in and out of CF for years but recently committed to coming with his brother Alex and they have been killing it together. Westley competed in his first team competition and took FIRST PLACE! He works hard and pushes others to do so as well. We can’t wait to see what is in store for him - sky is the limit brother!


How long have you been Crossfitting?
I have been committed to Crossfit for exactly one year.

What made you start CF?
I was completely out of shape, struggled with my health, and needed more energy throughout the day. And my brother made me go!

What changes have you seen since starting CF?
The biggest change is my ability to move and be extremely active throughout the day. I can work longer hours and feel better while doing so.

What is your favorite/ least favorite movement?
Full Clean favorite / ring muscle-ups least

What is your favorite part of CF Conway?
When I am there I have a complete hour of being stress free. No work, no to do list. It is only about the work out and getting better.

What are your long term goals?
At this point to be comfortable with my shirt off!

What advice do you have for people wanting to start CF?
Learn your body. Your body talks through strengths and weaknesses. As I come into my 30’s it is important to know my body and how it works in order to stay healthy. Crossfit can definitely help with this!
Newton’s first law of Motion: an object at rest STAYS at rest and an object in motion STAYS in motion… I feel that if you commit to CrossFit you will push yourself to new limits!

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