Pam Lee

Our current spotlight athlete is Pam Lee.

When Pam came to CFC she could barely lift a barbell or do a sit-up. It’s been so fun over the last year to watch her grow as an athlete. She has not only physically gotten stronger but mentally as well. She also is the most supportive cheerleader we have in the gym! We can’t wait to see where Pam is this time next year!

How long have you been Crossfitting?
I celebrated my 1 year CrossFit anniversary in July.

What made you start CF?
I decided to start working out at a local gym and attended a boot camp class. The trainer told us to do sit ups. I got down on the floor and suddenly realized I couldn’t do a single one. I work with Shaylene so I immediately told her about it. She had been telling me I need to join her at a workout. Of course after my realization that I couldn’t do a sit up I suddenly felt defeated and thought no way could I ever do CrossFit. However, I was determined to change my mobility and add a level of fitness to my life. I attended a Saturday class with Warren coaching, and signed up that day.

What changes have you seen since starting CF?
I have seen many changes since starting CF.
One is definitely my confidence level, it still needs improvement but when I started I was scared to jump on a box or jump up to the pull up bar.
My strength has improved also. I was not an athlete in high school and had never lifted weight before. It was all new to me. I love tracking the weight percentages in Trib and seeing where I started and how far I have come over the past year.

What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Favorite: Kettle Bell Swings
Least Favorite: Overhead squats

What is your favorite part of CF Conway?
The coaches and the community.
The coaches are amazing. I had no clue what I was doing when I joined and the coaches teach you the correct and safe way to do the movements. I also love the community of members. From day one I never felt like I didn’t belong. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. I love that during a workout everyone cheers each other on and no one finishes alone.

What are your long term goals?
I have so many...
to improve my overhead squat and mobility is a major goal. Honestly, my long term goal is to keep being active. I want to be doing WOD’s for many years to come. My son watches me and I am thankful I can show him the importance of fitness and that it can be fun.

What advice do you have for people wanting to start CF?
Just walk in the box. Take that first step to see what CrossFit is all about. I think people have misconceptions about CrossFit and what it is about. They are also fearful that “they can’t do it”. You can! Show up consistently. Come with the willingness to listen and learn and watch yourself improve. It will change your life.

Zach Fonville